Rise As Gladiator Of The Multiverse

Arena Brawler

Demolish your opponents with devastating energy beams, crazy shotguns, entangling roots and more in this jam-packed top-down chaotic battle arena!

Rep Your

Bring your NFTs from partnered communities to duke it out and prove yourself the champion of your entire team! Play as a character from Pegaxy, Crypto Unicorn, Sunflower Land, or many more and take home the grand prize.

Digital Assets

Climb the global leaderboards during weekend brawl events and score in the top few to take home big prizes from partnered blockchain games worth up to hundreds of dollars!

Climb to the Top,
Take Home the Jackpot

Prize pools stuffed full of valuable NFTs from top-tier community names, plus limited-edition hats!

Crypto Unicorns
Limited Edition Hats
Shrapnel Operators

Get In The Game

Get notified of upcoming Brawls, earn free gaming goods from our partners, and win even more NFTs as you dominate the arena and ascend the leaderboards. Glhf!

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